Your Team

We are a team of technologists and marketing specialists who help other businesses harvest the extraordinary value gained by applying big data and AI expertise to the billions of mobile phone photos taken each day.

By working with us, each of our customers get a series of designers and developers to create their vision and a project manager to help keep everything on track.

Account Manager

Facilitating our collaboration.

An account manager will be assigned to your project and will be your point person moving forward. Using their product management background and start up experience, they will help lead your vision from idea to execution.

UX/UI Designer

Your vision realized.

The designer assigned to your project will ensure that your brand is well represented at that people who interact with the final product have a fantastic overall experience. Our designers are skilled at making their product designs intuitive, simple and enjoyable.


Build, test, gather feedback and launch.

The developer assigned to your project will marry the WINNING Fotos features you select with the newly built features you envisioned. Our developers are passionate about building products that handle large and complex data sets.

Request A Demo

Harness the power of your audience’s images. During your demo, we’ll provide a personalized product walkthrough, offer marketing strategy help and answer any questions you may have.