About WINNING Fotos

At WINNINGfotos, our philosophy is to inspire deeper customer connections. This permeates into everything we do, from how we designed our core technology to how we create custom apps.

WINNINGfotos was founded by technology entrepreneurs, who are experts in big data, who believed they could create a system of artificial intelligence for identifying, organizing, selecting and gaining insight from photos that has not existed before.

Since our launch, brands around the world use our platform to emotionally connect with their audience, using the photos taken by their own community. Purposefully designed [photo challenges] provide engagement, content and insights from mobile phone photos sourced from any audience, customers, and employees.


  • David Young

    David Young

    Chief Executive Officer
    David is a “numbers guy” with two decades of experience in finance for multiple companies. He started out as an analyst on Wall Street before joining the treasury group at a Fortune 500 company with the goal of bringing mobile data to the U.S. David has also developed a number of cloud patents and sold a technology company co-founded during the tech bubble. David holds a BA from the University of Puget Sound and a Master’s of Science in Finance from Seattle University. He loves spending time with his three daughters and referee’s soccer games in his spare time. David can be contacted via LinkedIn.
  • Jason Parrish

    Jason Parrish

    Jason brings a resourceful history of managing high-tech businesses with extensive experience as an entrepreneurial company builder. Jason has co-founded numerous highly recognized businesses including one of the first Internet Hosting facilities (NAP) that was acquired by Level3. Having served in management roles at both Public and Private companies, as both an employee and a consultant, Jason has a keen sense of what it takes to build a winning company based on value. Beyond the office, Jason is active in the community and committed to his family. Jason can be contacted via LinkedIn.
  • Jenni Flinders

    Jenni Flinders

    Jenni Flinders, recognized consecutively as “Top 50 most influential” and “Top 100 most powerful” women in the IT channel has been conquering the IT industry for nearly three decades. People capability is her passion. Flinders is known for guiding many IT organizations to achieve scale and grow their businesses. Her leadership experience and impact at major global tech companies is recognized across the industry. In addition to serving on the board of the Bellevue Boys & Girls Club and Tateuchi Center, Flinders launched People for Innovation, and a Personal Presentation, Executive Coaching & Business Etiquette program, teaching corporate newbies the important things their college curriculum and on-boarding programs left out. Jenni can be contacted via LinkedIn.