Inspiring Deeper Human Connections

We start conversations that grow authentic human connection. We created a system (including machine learning and artificial intelligence) to engage and align people with business goals. We use photos because they get right to the point and everyone can produce, share, and access them using their mobile device. These visual conversations start online and continue offline resulting in an immediate increase in people connections across all levels.

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Engaging Process Creates Authentic Content

Engaging Process Creates Authentic Content

Our technology sparks visual conversations that are safe, fun and easy. One tangible output is content made for and created by your employees, customers, or any target audience.



Visual Conversations

Visual Conversations

We ignite visual conversations that grow human connections and solve businesses challenges. Our system incentivizes photos from employees, customers, or any target audience using natural interactions that promote sharing, feedback, and ideation. These conversations bring fresh energy and new capabilities to grow your business.
Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

Our goal is to increase organization sharing through high impact, visual conversations that facilitate the rapid transfer of knowledge. We embrace a process perfected by millennials that produces complex content, bold ideas, and proven practices. Guided by leadership sourced from teams, customers, and employees, institutional and tribal knowledge grows with Winning Fotos.

Emotional AI

Winning fotos developed technology to source millions of photos and find the best one. Which foto is best? Depends on the viewer. So get to know your audience using pictures as the conversation starter and encourage employees and customers to submit their views directly from their mobile device.

Audience Engagement

We define engagement as attachment – a deep, authentic connection to a business. We use captivating, visual content sourced from people from whom engagement is desired. In an employee context, Winning Fotos uses engagement to reduce turnover, build institutional knowledge, evangelize corporate culture and increase workforce productivity.

Connected Workforce

Our technology will enable you to transform a disengaged workforce into a team of goal-driven employees in days not months. We leverage a process millennials have perfected to build standing among peers and bind them to complex ideas, concepts, movements, and people.

It Takes a Village

We are a team of specialized business and technical veterans who believe fruitful conversations start with visuals. Our solutions are a suite of visual story-telling systems that bind human connections and business goals.

Adoption is a snap because we’re technology agnostic. We produce branded, standalone mobile-first applications or seamless enterprise integration – the choice is yours.



For Every Business – No email address required

For Every Business – No email address required

Every business has a growth goal. We help you find a powerful visual connection to the audience you wish to engage.

  • Events & Entertainment

    Events & Entertainment

    A championship team invites city residents to share their photos of the victory parade and celebrations.

  • Travel & Leisure

    Travel & Leisure

    A cruise ship’s social director creates daily photo challenges: “most fun at the pool” or “best kept secret at today’s port of call”.

  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    An internal recruiter wishes to showcase their company’s unique culture using pictures captured, submitted, and ultimately ranked by current employees.

  • Weddings


    A couple invites all of their wedding guests to capture their experiences before, during and after the ceremonies.

  • Non-Profit

    Non profit

    A local non profit highlights the impact volunteers make in the community

Use Case

Use Case

Our first platform deployment occurred in early 2017 with Eastman Kodak Company. Kodak’s goal was grow global brand engagement, increase employee and alumni ambassadorship, and improve brand-appeal to the next generation of photography enthusiasts.

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