Inspiring Deeper Customer Connections

A breakthrough licensable platform to engage any audience, anywhere in the world. We’ve developed a platform to capture the emotional data and analyze the sentiment in every picture, and use this data to help brands build deeper, more authentic connections with customers, employees, and communities

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Authentic Content You Can Use

Authentic Content You Can Use

Content made for and created by your audience. Purposefully designed photo challenges provide engagement, content and insights from mobile phone photos sourced from any audience, customers, and employees



UGC Rights and Management

UGC Rights and Management

Build an extensive library of unique images to use for digital advertising, social media, and recruiting purposes and we’ll take care of obtaining the digital rights.
AI Generated Tags

AI Generated Tags

AI Generated Tags identify unique data within images to surface insights and correlations.

Highest Performing Visual Content

We analyze hundreds of photos to identify the optimal content that will resonate best with your audience, increasing ROI and ensuring highest impact.

Humans in the Loop

Using your community or audience, we teach our technology what our brand’s audience responds best to, allowing us to find the best, most captivating images.

Sentiment Analysis

Obtain powerful insights as your audience provides feedback on images. Discover what people think of your brand and what images they want to see more […]

It Takes a Village

We are a team of technologists and marketing specialists who help other businesses harvest the extraordinary value gained by applying big data and AI expertise to the billions of mobile phone photos taken each day.

By working with us, each of our customers get a series of designers and developers to create their vision and a project manager to help keep everything on track.



For Every Business

For Every Business

Any business can win with photos and we work with all business types.

  • Events & Entertainment

    Events & Entertainment

    A championship team invites city residents to share their photos of the victory parade and celebrations.

  • Travel & Leisure

    Travel & Leisure

    A cruise ship’s social director creates daily photo challenges: “most fun at the pool” or “best kept secret at today’s port of call”.

  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    An internal recruiter wishes to showcase their company’s unique culture using pictures captured, submitted, and ultimately ranked by current employees.

  • Weddings


    A couple invites all of their wedding guests to capture their experiences before, during and after the ceremonies.

  • Non-Profit

    Non profit

    A local non profit runs photo challenges highlighting the impact volunteers make in the community



Our first platform deployment occurred in early 2017 with Eastman Kodak Company. Our platform and critique provided by expert photographers turned photographers liked on social media into award photographers.

Check out our technology in action by downloading the KODAK Winning Fotos App or visiting!

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